There are many reasons why you might lose a tooth: from poor dental care to illness, lifestyle choices, or injury to your teeth. The best way to prevent tooth loss is to practice good dental health habits, which include brushing and flossing regularly.

The risk of losing a tooth tends to increase as you age. But aging and tooth loss don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. In fact, it’s usually other factors that contribute more to adult tooth loss than aging alone. By steering clear of bad lifestyle habits and sticking to good dental hygiene practices, you can prevent

Here are some of the best preventive measures to protect yourself against tooth loss:

1.       Don’t smoke

Smokers are almost twice as likely to lose their teeth as non-smokers. Smoking and other forms of tobacco use increase your risk of developing gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss. Smoking affects the blood supply to your gums and can make the symptoms of periodontal disease more severe.

2.       Manage existing health conditions

Many are aware that diabetes can damage the eyes nerves, kidneys, and the heart. But diabetes can also affect teeth and gums. Since it reduces your body’s immunity and ability to heal, gum disease can happen more often, be more severe, and take longer to heal in people with diabetes. The result: higher incidence of tooth loss. High blood pressure is also a risk factor for gum disease, and thus, tooth loss.

3.       Treat cavities early

Untreated cavities can worsen over time, ultimately leading to infection or death of the pulp of the tooth.  If cavities progress to an advanced stage, your dentist may need to remove the affected teeth.

4.       Brush and floss daily

Brushing and flossing remove acid-producing bacteria that can cause cavities, erode enamel, and are a catalyst for gum disease. 

5.       Pay attention to your diet

Lack of certain nutrients in your diet can be bad for your teeth. Low calcium, for instance, has been associated with increased risk of tooth loss. Foods and drinks that are high in sugar, carbohydrates, and acids can also do damage your teeth and gums. Even some sugar-free foods can be harmful to teeth.

6.       Protect teeth from trauma

Injury or trauma to the mouth may cause a tooth to fall out instantly or cause tooth fractures that lead to later tooth loss due to infection or weakening of the tooth. Wearing a mouth guard during contact sports can help to protect teeth from injury.

7.       Correct structural issues

If your teeth are misaligned, it can be hard to thoroughly clean them. This makes them more prone to tartar and plaque buildup that leads to gum and periodontal problems that causes tooth loss.

8.       Have regular dental checkups

Even with good at-home oral hygiene practices, you still need to visit your dentist once every six months. Skipping dental check-ups may cause early signs of tooth loss to go unnoticed. Early detection allows dental problems to be treated or corrected before tooth loss occurs.

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